Audit Committee’s Report


The audit committee of CPL Group Public Company Limited comprising of Chairman of the Audit Committee, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ruth Banomyong and audit committee member Mr.SupapatOngsangkoon and Dr. MongkolLaoworapong


According to the mission, duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Board of Directors and according to the regulations of the Stock Exchange of Thailand by the year 2017 the Audit Committee has convened 6 times to consider the conclusions are as follows.


1. To review the quarterly and annual financial statements before submission to the Board of Directors approval. The Audit Committee has been concerned with the implementation of accounting standards that are generally accepted, disclosure adequate in particular, transactions and items that may pose a conflict of interest.


2. Review the adequacy and appropriateness of internal control mechanisms. The opinion that the Company's internal control systems are appropriate and sufficient to run the business. The company has prepared a plan for monitoring the internal control system and review performance reports quarterly review.


3. Review of the Charter of the Audit Committee by the Audit Committee has reviewed the charter. In order to improve the properties on the role and powers of the Audit Committee. To comply with the rules and practices of good corporate governance and the requirements of the Stock Exchange of Thailand and the Securities and Exchange Commission.


4. Review the policy governance , Code of Business Ethics Policy, information Core policy against corruption. Policies to protect the information and investigation of complaints. To comply with the performance and the requirements of the Stock Exchange of Thailand and the Securities and Exchange Commission.


5. Provide a Self-Assessment Audit Committee of the Board shows that the Audit Committee has fully performed his duties as assigned by the Board of Directors and operations consistent with best practices.


6. To consider transactions or transactions that may have conflicts of interests of the Company according to the rules and regulations of the Capital Market Supervisory Board and other related determined to ensure that such transactions are reasonable, transparent and adequate disclosure and a benefit to the company with reasonable prices and conditions as with the outsiders.

7. The Audit Committee has oversight of business operations in accordance with the law on Securities and Exchange Commission, terms of the Exchange or laws relating to business of the company for the year 2017, the Audit Committee has considered and recommended to the Board of Directors to appoint Mr. Mr. CherdsakulOnmongkol CPA No.7195 and/or Ms. WanrayaPuttasatien CPA No. 4387 and/or Ms. WarapornIntraprasit CPA No. 7881 and/or Ms. ChantraWongsriudomporn CPA No.4996 from CWW P Co., Ltd. for the fiscal year ended December 31,2018 with the remuneration of 1,620,000 baht as the auditor of the Company. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ruth Banomyong Chairman of the Audit Committee