Shareholder's Meeting


Report of The Annual General Shareholder’s Meeting for 2024  

VDO Annual General Shareholders Meeting 2024  

Report of The Annual General Shareholder’s Meeting for 2024  

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Invitation to 2024 Annual General Meeting of Shareholder   

Minutes of the 2023 Annual General Meeting of Shareholder  

The One Report 2023 and Financial Statement of the company for the financial year ended December 31,2023   

Profiles of candidates nominated for election as directors of the Company  

Profiles of the proposed Auditors for the year 2024  

To amend the objectives of the Company  

Documents and Evidence for registered  

Guidelines for attending of Electronic Meeting  

Proxy Form A  

Proxy Form B  

Proxy Form C  

Profiles of independent directors and qualification of Independent Directors  

Articles of Association of the Company concerning shareholder’s meeting  

Personal Data Protection Notice  


Agenda Proposal to be include for AGM 2024  

Nominate Candidate to be elected as Directors for AGM 2024   

Agenda Proposal Form AGM 2024  

Nominate Person Form AGM 2024  

Advance Question Form for AGM 2024