CPL : Creative performance leather
CPL : Creative performance leather

In 2014, the company has passed the test of whether the business gracefully another year The management team and staff are committed to working hard and full of talent. This year, rather than every year, higher raw materials prices, especially prices of raw hides is unlikely to be reduced. Therefore, companies need to plan and to focus on the every process step. More precise management to reduce the cost of other factors that might happen. The intent of management and attention to process, resulting in a year, the company has high sales than any previous year.

However, the company is fully functional and ready to cope with various situations that may occur . To make the company a competitive advantage to meet the needs of customers quickly and more efficiently. And can reduce operating costs in the long term lower. And Potential Development of work processes, management for to grow even more.

While the company is making progress and committed to operate continuously. Social responsibility and environmental are the policy of the company is to be carried out in parallel with the business. The management team and staff for their focus, promote and cooperation

With Social Activities and Environmental regularly. Will work together based on the principles of transparency, code of conduct and corporate governance in order to achieve the best return is sustainable.

Lastly, on behalf of the Board of Directors of C.P.L Group PLC, I would like to express my sincere thanks to all our shareholders who have always supported our operations. I would also like to reiterate the commitments of the Board, our management, and our staff on all levels to work together under the principles of corporate ethics, transparency, and good governance to enhance the best and sustainable results for our Company.


Mr.Manoch Wongcharoensin
CPL : Creative performance leather